Payal Business Centre

About Us

Payal Business Center is located at 128th Street & 82nd Ave in Surrey. It has more than 300 stores and shops all of which are Asian based, particularly India and Pakistan based. For the shoppers, Payal Business Center is very convenient both value and convenience wise.

Basically, Payal Business Center is a set of 6-7 plazas in one area of Canada and it consists of more than 300 shops or stores. The stores over here sell Indian and Pakistani stuff and services. The plaza here also consists of restaurants, banquets, clothing stores and other related services. The shops and stores here include offices, restaurants, grocery stores, dental clinics, finance services, health studios, salons service and repair shops, wedding décor services, jewelry shops, printing and Xerox shops, pharmacies, normal health clinics and much more. Locally, Payal Business Center is also known as Mini Punjab because of the Indian feel that it gives. Also, the consumers can get anything and everything India-based that want over here.

Payal Business Center thus basically becomes a one-shop stop for the Indians residing in Canada. According to Google stats, the residents of areas such as Vancouver, Delta, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster and Abbotsford are the highest visitors at Payal Business Center.

Hence, whether you are craving for authentic Punjab type chaats or Kulcha, you would find the restaurant serving that here at Payal Business Center. Or whether you are a business looking for a place to open up your Indian Designer clothing shop, Payal Business Center is a very convenient place for you.

Thus, for both customers and businesses located in Canada, if you have anything Asian based on your mind, you know where to go!! Payal Business Center or Mini Punjab as it is locally known is the place to be!