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Payal Business Center, Surrey BC

Your Gateway to the Vibrant Heart of Asian Shopping and Services in Canada!

Payal Business Center, situated at the intersection of 128th Street and 82nd Ave in Surrey, Canada, comprises a cluster of 6-7 plazas, offering a diverse array of over 300 stores and shops. Specializing in Asian goods, particularly from India and Pakistan, the center caters to a wide range of needs for shoppers, combining both value and convenience.

More about Payal Business Centre

This expansive complex encompasses a variety of establishments, including restaurants, banquets, clothing stores, and other related services. Among the numerous offerings are offices, restaurants, grocery stores, dental clinics, financial services, health studios, salons, repair shops, wedding décor services, jewelry stores, printing and Xerox services, pharmacies, health clinics, and more. Locally referred to as “Mini Punjab” due to its distinct Indian ambiance, Payal Business Center is renowned for providing a comprehensive selection of India-based products and services.

For the Indian community residing in Canada, Payal Business Center serves as a one-stop destination. Google statistics reveal that residents from areas such as Vancouver, Delta, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, and Abbotsford are among the highest visitors to the center.

Whether craving authentic Punjab-style chaats or seeking a location to open an Indian designer clothing shop, Payal Business Center offers a convenient solution. The center is a hub for various categories, including salons, restaurants, real estate, mobile/computers, medical services, legal assistance, jewelry stores, immigration services, home goods and décor, health services, hair care, food establishments, financial services, clothing stores, beauty salons, and accounting.

The Payal Business Center spans multiple buildings, each with a ground floor dedicated to shops and stores, while upper floors house offices providing a range of services. The addresses of the buildings within Payal Business Center include 12877, 12885, 12899, 8120, 8128, 8138, 8140, 8148, 8158, and 8166 Payal Business Centre. Whether a customer seeking Asian products or a business with an Asian focus, Payal Business Center, or “Mini Punjab,” is the go-to destination in Canada.