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Vicky Cloth House

Vicky Cloth House

Google Reviews

Karen Grewal, 07/18/2019

This cloth house does not even deserve 1 star. We traveled from Edmonton to Surrey to attend a party. We went to this store and we were persuaded into buying an outfit and were promised that we would receive the outfit at exactly 5pm. We had specifically stated that we will only buy the outfit if it will be given at 5pm and the owner agreed and promised. At 5:15 we arrived at the cloth house and the owner told us it would be 15 more minutes. We were at the store until almost 6pm. And when I tried on the outfit it was not a good fit, it was slightly tight and the owner did not care. The owner is not a professional business man, he is quite literally forcing people to buy from him and then not fulfilling his promises. He is rude and he did not care at all about losing our business. I advise that you do not give him your money.

Sha Zam, 08/20/2019

Negative stars if possible but it’s my fault for going here again. Granted they have a decent collection of choices most of the stuff Ive seen are many years old. He’s ready to cut the cloth which apparently means you have agreed to the price. And if his tailors make a mistake then its my fault for.not using the accurate word in Hindi/punjabi.N that I don’t speak Hindi or Punjabi it is my fault even though I described very clearly to the tailor what I wanted.
A couple of years back they measured me for a top using the measuring tape upside down resulting in a top that was way too short. No apologies and it took a lot for him to refund me just half of the outfit even though I didn’t even get to attend the event with the outfit. They really do not care. This time around the pants were completely something different from what I asked and I didn’t have the energy to follow up. Why I went back this time was because I have very little time and a few options. Never going.back again. I advise you all to do the same. England fashion is a store that is close by and the family who runs it is very pleasant and almost every year we end up getting something from them. They’re a few minutes away from Vicky’s. I would recommend them.

T, 07/14/2019

This store is a scam. The owner only cares about his money even if it means ruining a customer’s outfit and then not owning up to it. Blames the customer for the outfit not being made properly. Worst customer service ever…. highly recommend not wasting your money here.

T S, 07/14/2019

This place doesnt even deserve one star. Do not come here ever! We had given two suits to be stiched and specifically said have it ready by July 10th. We had mentioned we had problems last time and we dont want any issue next time the guy was like oh dw dw. On July 7 they call and ask for an extension and we said ok fine July 12th latest.
Come here on friday July 12 that too at 6 pm in evening giving them all day just to be told one is not ready and come back tomorrow. When we finally get them later on that evening because owner like I will come drop them off… the bottoms were not made up as we explained and top too tight. So we go back sat July 13 and drop off.. guess what? STILL NOT READY AT THE TIME HE SAID IT WOULD BE ( 1 hour after dropping). Unprofessional and annoying. Save your time and money and do not come here for anything. Worst customer service!

Therese RM, 07/14/2019

Vicky and his staff are always kind and welcoming when we visit. They go the extra mile in trying to help us find the fabric we need, both in pulling out options and offering discounts. This is one of my preferred destinations for silk and turban cotton. The photos provided with my review are images of the houppelande (medieval dress) that I made with Vicky’s dupioni silk selection.

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