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202 12899 80 Ave, Surrey BC V3W 0E6
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TDS Lawyers

TDS Lawyers

Company Overview

TDS Lawyers, also known as Tiwana Deol Sandhu LLP, is a full-service law firm based in Surrey, British Columbia. The firm offers a wide range of legal services, including family law, business and real estate law, civil litigation, criminal law, and wills and estates. With a team of experienced lawyers, TDS Lawyers is committed to providing high-quality legal representation and advice to its clients.

Primary Services

  1. Family Law: Services include divorce, separation, child custody, and family mediation.
  2. Business and Real Estate Law: Assistance with business incorporations, contracts, and real estate transactions.
  3. Civil Litigation: Handling disputes related to construction, contracts, and other civil matters.
  4. Criminal Law: Representation in criminal defense cases.
  5. Wills and Estates: Services related to wills, estate planning, and probate.

Contact Information

  • Address: 209-12565 88th Avenue, Surrey, BC V3W 3J7, Canada
  • Phone: +1 604-598-3325
  • Province: British Columbia
  • Website: Not specified


  1. Tiwana Deol Sandhu LLP on Canpages
  2. Payal Business Centre
  3. VerView

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Its so sad to see with so much potential and demand -This is still a 2 level (storied) complex – sky train or at least a rapid bus accessibility is no where in the plans – the adjacent little India complex should have been a kinda extension to this or at least access way in between

sriram suru

Very beautiful things, always stop by the jewelry store that has all the beading essentials ! Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished and all set up ! Very helpful and friendly staff. Just walking around to other stores, if you don’t mind being stared at or made to feel you’re not welcome there, you’ll love this place !

Asia M.

Unlike other times I have been here, this place was clean. Was nice to see it clean for once. And it wasn’t very crowded either. Navigating through this area of Surrey used to be a pain in the, you know where. A typical visit would be accompanied with the choicest of swear words, not this time. Overall a pleasant visit.

Alex Gedala

Lovely place; tons of Indian stuff ,food, clothes, jewellery. A number of good Indian eateries, sweet shops in this region. I loved strolling around and had some wonderful food here. But the location is very awd and doesn’t have good public transit connectivity. Weekends were very busy and crowded.

Asmita Chakraborty

Indian jewellery, clothing & food

Kaur Navjot

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