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Sunam Events

Company Overview Sunam Events is a professional event decorating business based in Surrey, BC. Established in 2004, Sunam Events specializes in creating extraordinary wedding and special event decor. The company offers full-scale event production services, including event lighting, furniture, and decor. They cater to various events, such as weddings and corporate functions, ensuring each event...
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Company Overview Moore Wedding Centre is a well-established wedding service provider located in Surrey, British Columbia, within the Payal Business Centre. The centre specializes in providing rental services for flowers and decorations for weddings and other special events. Known for their quality products and budget-friendly options, Moore Wedding Centre has been serving the community for...

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Crafting Everlasting Memories
Craft everlasting memories with Payal Business Centre's Wedding services. From venues to planners, our Wedding services ensure every detail is taken care of for your special day. Trust us to turn your wedding dreams into a reality, creating moments that last a lifetime.

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